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Fun Ladybug Crafts for Kids

Coloring Pages Can Be Fun Ladybug Crafts

Ladybugs are probably one of the most popular bugs out there � especially where kids are concerned.  They represent something whimsical and almost magical.  For that reason, ladybug crafts for kids are always a winner.  They are fun at birthday parties, during summer camp, and of course during the school year.  There are a number of really fun ladybug crafts for kids; the following article contains a list of some of the most popular ones. 

1) One of the most fun ladybug crafts for kids involves allowing them to make their own ladybugs from a variety of different materials. Here is a diagram of ladybug anatomy to help you. One of the most popular means to do this involves using rocks.  All you need to start is a rock that is shaped like a beetle � round and dome shaped on top, flat on the bottom.  You will also need red and black paint, pipe cleaners, glue, some of those fun, moving eyes, and some clear spray paint if you think you might like to display the ladybugs outside.  Basically all you have to do is paint the rocks � after washing them, of course.  After the paint has dried, spray them with the clear paint if you want them outside.  If not, just move right on to gluing on the eyes and the pipe cleaners � they will be the antennae. 

2) Now, coloring may not seem like a craft, but you can do plenty of ladybug crafts for kids just by using a coloring sheet with a ladybug on it.  You can find such sheets in any number of places � you can print ladybug coloring pages off of the Internet, you can find them in coloring books, or you could go big and look for a poster.  One thing you can do is use the sheet as a reward poster.  This is a great activity for school children.  Every time the child, or children, completes a task, a chore, a job, et cetera, they get to color a new part of the picture. Or, perhaps you can allow them to color in everything but the spots to personalize the picture.  Then, they can color in a spot for each completed task. 

ladybug salad�A Ladybug Salad.
Photo by �luckysundae�

Some of the best ladybug crafts for kids involve food.  Did you know, for instance, that you can make a ladybug salad?  Most kids love being able to help out in the kitchen, to make something they can call their own and then share with their friends.  That is why food-based ladybug crafts for kids are so popular. The ladybug salad is pretty easy to make � not to mention healthy, nutritious, and delicious to eat.  The ingredients you need are: cherry tomatoes, which will make up the wings; raisins, which will be used for the spots and for the feet; dates, which will be used to make up the head and the body; and, finally, carrot slices, which will be used to create the antennae. 

After washing the tomatoes and the carrots, you need to cut the tomatoes into halves.  Each half is used for a ladybug wing.  At this point, you need to slice the tomatoes again � but not all the way through.  Feel free to take the seeds out with a spoon as well.  One date goes into each of the wings, which should be spread a little so the date can be seen.  Six raisins go underneath the body, to make up the feet.  You need to cut a raisin in half and place each half on top of the tomato wings � instant spots!  You do the same with one of the dates to make up the body and the head.  Poke a couple of holes into the date half used for the head, then gently place the carrot slivers into them.   

ladybug cupcakes�Yummy Ladybug Cupcakes.
Photo by Megan Chromik

There are plenty of ladybug crafts for kids; these are just a few.  If you have a child who loves ladybugs or are simply looking for some fun group activities, think about implementing a few of these!